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Above facilitating a workshop in Magabeni South Africa!

It was great to see so many of our young people so actively engaged in exploring what their role is and the boundaries of that. Forum Theatre worked brilliantly as a training tool and your leading of the session was totally engaging, your capacity to facilitate twenty-seven 14-20 year olds and empower them to find their own solutions was inspiring 

Bella Relph, Hackney quest,

Peer volunteer training 20/07/15


I am a writer, actor, director  and drama practitioner, an ex-offender whose early years were marred with a relationship on the wrong side of the law. I have served time in DC, Young Offenders and adult prison for mainly minor offences car related, but through my journey inside I have learned a lot about cause and affect to now know how to influence prevention. I have a great knowledge and experience of crime and its rewards which are never worth it, and use this to my advantage when working with those on the other side of the law to add authenticity to my theories and solutions for leaving crime behind.

I have been an Actor since 2004, introduced to it whilst in prison by The London Shakespeare workout Prison project. I have learned through the power of theatre to express my feelings in an acceptable and understandable way so as not to cut myself off from society but rather to get society to sit up and take note of what I feel or have to say. I have found different ways of dealing with difficult situations and how to apply other solutions to problems through forum theatre and other arts practices, poetry etc. Since my release I worked with LSW for a 3 year period and have been an advocate for the investment in the transformative power of theatre and the joy of literature. I have been invited to recite poetry in a number of venues ranging from the house of lords, cumberland lodge great Windsor park, to New Scotland yard.


I have performed Nationally in many theatres and also written plays since those prison days, which have been professionally produced. I have lead and facilitated workshops and  projects with a variety of different organizations ranging from youth offending groups to corporate CEO”s

(Previous Clients/workshops include)

British Gas, Celtel, Danone, Deutshe Bank, Glaxo Smith Kline, KPMG, Metropolitan Police, London Business School, Trident, Baliol College Oxford, Central School of Speech and Drama, London Shakespeare Workout, Urban 8 Creative Solutions, Hot Tap Theatre, Fundamental Olympic Legacy Youth Panel, Big Redbridge Crew, Intermission Youth Theatre, Redbridge Olympic Ambassadors 2012, Golden Years dance troop. Hackney quest, Diverse Voices, etc.

Most recently I have co- founded Debarred Theatre Company along with fellow ex-prisoner and renown writer Dean Stalham (God dont live on a council estate). Debarred is set up to support newly released inmates who have an interest in the arts,  to express themselves in a more productive way, to enrich their lives and fulfil their true potential.

I have a BA Honors Degree in Drama & Applied Theatre and believe  that the power of the arts, drama in particular, can transform lives. So I intend to use the word as a tool to fight  against injustice and other forms of oppressions, we face in our daily lives and inspire others to find and express themselves likewise through the arts. Below is a sonnet I wrote which I think should be noted.

   A Sonnet to doubt

Why should I be what you want me to be

Life is what one makes of it for one self

How can we sit like stock upon a shelf

Knowing life has so much more to offer

What if perchance, I strove to live my dreams

Ambitions plague my mind success I see

I’ll strive I’ll crave, I’ll lust, I must be free

Free to decide my fate, how hard it seems

Yet I believe this life with which we are blessed

Is nought if first ourselves we cannot love

Life’s not a game, it is merely a test

Our tomorrows none have certainty of

Why should I do what you want me to do ?

My life is mine, so doubt, Be off with you !!!!

By Fabian Spencer

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